Silas & Saski is a UK-based project specialising in a unique form of ethereal space-folk that embraces an artistic sense of harmony and sonic beauty. Their latest single, ‘Milky Window’, is a startling precursor to their forthcoming album Harmony of the Spheres. Their songs fuse elements of electronic music, psychedelic rock, IDM and dub reggae with an understanding of music's uplifting power and medicinal qualities.

Silas Neptune is a talented multi-instrumentalist and is best known as the synth player for the cult rock band Ozric Tentacles. Growing up with his father Ed Wynne, the band's founding member, his pathway was somewhat predestined. His solo album The Scales of Tahuti (2017) showcased his evocative sense of melody and harmony with a range of instruments at his fingertips including keyboards, lead guitar, baglama saz, oud and bass.

Saskia Maxwell is a solo artist, singer, acoustic guitarist, flutist and dancer who has also performed with Ozric Tentacles since 2021 and Gong since 2022.

Her songs tell timeless stories with haunting beauty, encouraging us to look inward and appreciate the beauty of nature around us. Inspired by music, dance, medicine, calligraphy, architecture, culture, language, clothing and so much more, Saskia's theatrically evokes an ancient world to the stage fusing Celtic, psychedelic and Middle Eastern influences to her music.

 Saskia sings in several languages including Italian, Turkish, Kurdish, Laz and Georgian and greatly appreciates and admires folk culture and tradition from around the world.

“Milky Window’ is their first release since their debut EP Power of Three (2020) which revealed their mystical potential; the first track ‘Magic of Words’ is a perfect example of the fusion between Saskia’s folk roots and Silas’ futuristic synth work. ‘Milky Window’ opens up a new dimension entirely, giving us a fresh inkling of what is to come. Intensely experimental it blends IDM with Middle Eastern flavours and charging heavy guitars, all brought together in a wonderfully danceable fashion. Enjoying true artistic freedom they enter uncharted musical territory creating something distinctly their own. 

Join them now to see their story unfold …